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Vanessa Rojas is a former police officer with the Chicago Police Department. She was portrayed by Lisseth Chavez.

Personal life

Rojas grew up in 32 different foster homes and often ran away and lived on the streets until she eventually joined the police academy.


Vanessa is a police officer with the Chicago Police Department. She was undercover when she met members of the Intelligence Section and was offered a position in the unit, however she transfered out after a few episodes.


Hailey Upton

Rojas met Hailey when Rojas’ undercover operation crossed paths with an Intelligence investigation. Sergeant Hank Voight partnered them together so Hailey could assess if Rojas was a good fit for the unit. Upton ultimately decided that Rojas was right for Intelligence and offered her a spot in the unit. Upon realizing that Rojas has no place to live, Upton invites her to live with her for the time being, leading to them becoming roommates.

Kevin Atwater

Rojas met Kevin when Rojas' undercover operation crossed paths with an Intelligence investigation. Both were unaware of the other's undercover assignment, until it was reveal. Afterwards, their respective squads decided to work together and both were amused the others were cops. After her transition into Intelligence, Kevin and Rojas are seen on more cases together.


Notes and Trivia

  • Rojas is left-handed.
  • Her sidearm is a two-toned Glock 48.
  • Rojas occasionally uses her personal car, a 5th-gen Ford Bronco, on duty.
  • Her radio code is 5021 Frank.
  • She lived in foster care for several years.
  • Rojas stated she is half Hispanic and black.
  • She has never met past Intelligence members: Erin Lindsay, Alvin Olinsky, and Antonio Dawson.
  • Vanessa was originally intended to be the love interest of Kevin with a story arc ready.
  • Vanessa only appears in Season 7, as Lisseth Chavez accepted an new role on Legends Of Tomorrow during the hiatus in between seasons.
    • As of yet, no reason has been given for her character's sudden departure. (verification needed)


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