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The Number of Rats is the twentieth episode of the second season and the 35th overall episode of Chicago P.D. This episode is part two of a three-part crossover event between Chicago Fire (We Called Her Jellybean), Chicago P.D. (The Number of Rats) and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Daydream Believer).


Olivia Benson (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) has come to Chicago to help Voight and Intelligence with a rape/murder case that is frighteningly similar to a case from New York a decade ago. She calls in Fin and Amaro to assist.


Main Cast

Crossover Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Rachel Melius as Charlotte Reegan
  • Laura Lapidus as Janine
  • Jeff Parker as Dr. Smith
  • Tiffany Bedwell as Victoria Lewyn
  • Adrian Bond as Forensic Photographer
  • Alyse Dionne as Lisa Hoffman

Notes and Trivia

  • This episode includes a Law & Order-style introduction.