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Steve Kot is a former Assistant State's Attorney. He was portrayed by Chris Agos.


Season 2

In The Weigh Station, Kot's daughter is killed by a hitman, due to Kot being part of the Oskar Bembenek trial. He breaks down at seeing his daughter's dead body.

During An Honest Woman, Kot offers Erin Lindsay a job on a taskforce.

Season 3

During Forget My Name, Kot is called in by Intelligence. He later tells the feds that he gets a murder after being questioned on what he gets out of the case of a man slain by his wife and her lover.

In The Cases that Need to be Solved, Kot tells Intelligence they have to bring in solid evidence after gangsters shot a six year old child. When Antonio brings up how the child died, Kot references the death of his daughter because of unfortunate circumstances. After the gangsters are arrested, Kot attends the memorial of the slain child along with many witnesses, including the firefighters, medical staff of MED, and the police.

Season 4

In Don't Bury This Case, he is called in when carjackers commit a hit and run. Hank tells Kot, telling him that one of the culprits Michael Cox confessed that his friend Ryan Novak killed the girl but he says they'll still get Cox because he is an accessory. Steve also reveals that Kelly Severide, who was framed will be released because of this new evidence.


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