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Officer Sean Roman (born 1989) is a former patrol officer for the Chicago Police Department. He was partnered with Kim Burgess. He was portrayed by Brian Geraghty.


According to Roman, his biological mother had died of unknown causes.

Sean eventually became a cop and was partnered with Jenn Cassidy. A romantic relationship came to be at some point between the two partners. Eventually the relationship got tumultuous with their constant fighting; as a result, Sean broke up with her and transferred districts to get away.

Season 2

He first appears in Call It Macaroni, where he is assigned to be Kim's partner. When Roman and Burgess first meet and tension is high from the start, as he was misinformed on her gender and clearly doesn't like female cops.

In Get My Cigarettes, Burgess questions him on his hostility but he does not answer. Much later, she questions him again and Sean informs her that his attitude is due to a past failed relationship with a former partner.

In What Puts You On That Ledge, Roman and Burgess are on patrol and called in to investigate a situation at a home. Instead they learned a couple have rented out their room to earn a little more money at a breakfast in bed but one just won't leave. When Roman sees the squatter, he recognizes him as the same man from a previous lawsuit held against his old precinct and reminds him of their last meeting. Afterwards, he tells the couple that they will have their hands full with him. In the next visit, Kim tries to peacefully negotiate with the man but finds her patience tested and gives the man probable cause to file a lawsuit of harassment at their precinct. While at the precinct, they ask Randall McHolland to help them out. With help from Randy, they learned the squatter was only staying at the house because he had previously murdered his wife and was trying to hide her body in the wall. They presumably arrest the man for his crimes and tell the couple that while the house is a crime scene for now they will eventually get it back. Roman is surprised when the wife kisses him on the cheek and thanks him for his help.

In Called in Dead, he is reunited with ex-girlfriend Jenn Cassidy, who is now a K-9 officer. Things are tense because of how they left things. Later, the tension leads to an argument in the middle of a call. While he and Jenn are distracted, Burgess breaks away to investigate. As a result, she gets shot while Cassidy and Roman are distracted. They call in for help for the unconscious Burgess, while upset this could of been prevented.

In Shouldn't Have Been Alone,  Roman has Cassidy stay with Burgedd while he goes inside. Afterwards, they take the unconscious Kim to the hospital. Sean notes that his precinct will send officers to watch Kim while Jenn offers to wait for them, as she regrets not being there for Kim. However, Sean sternly tells her that he doesn't want her to be near Kim nor does he want to see her for the rest of the night. Jenn is upset and tries to beg him but he storms off. He continues feeling guilty for letting Kim down and he is temporarily put on the squad with Intelligence to help out in a case. Roman is treated with hostility by Ruzek for allowing Kim to get hurt. He helps in saving a captive woman from a bomb. He later has a peaceful walk with his ex-girlfriend along with her dog.

During Disco Bob, Roman is still guilty about leaving Kim to get wounded. He adopts a more protective attitude towards her despite her please that she’s fine. When a mother and her daughter are killed, Roman and Kim start to search for the son who had managed to survive. They interview the best friend of the girl Shelby who was killed as she directs them to Shelby's boyfriend Owen Reese. The two officers find out that there was a spot that the couple would go. Roman and Kim investigate the spot and find the son Jordan alive but barely conscious and heavily wounded from a bullet in his shoulder. After the case is solved Roman and Kim have a talk at the bar and both agreed to have each other’s back in the future and not be too overprotective.

In A Little Devil Complex, Roman and Kim are disturbed by Trudy acting nice all of a sudden before Kim notices that it’s because of a mysterious man who may be doing a report on her. Under Hank's orders, Roman and Kim follow a suspect in an arson despite a close call they still follow him. However, they watch as he confronts Lindsay and Jay before their car explodes but they were not inside. The two are horrified by the event.

As of The Weigh Station, Roman and Kim are assigned to put Jay in protective custody by Voight when a hit is placed on him. Roman later prevents him from going after his assailants especially when the shooter is brought in and Jay wants to attack him. He later shows that he is still hostile to Alvin but the latter tells him that if he has something he wants to say to say it but until then he will not disrespect Alvin something Roman agrees to begrudgingly. Roman and Kim accompany the intelligence unit to a designated spot for the hit men after they demand to see Jay alive. In the end, all of the hit-men or arrested. Roman watches as Hank praises Jay for for what he did in the unit. Roman takes Antonio up on his offer and goes to celebrate with Intelligence at the bar.

In The Three Gs, Roman and Kim tend to a wounded girl who struck by a stray bullet fired by a gun man. Two officers familiar with Roman try to stop them from transporting a girl himself even if the ambulance was coming but Roman response by punching one of them out and threatening the other as he gets the girls to the hospital. He learns from Trudy that his actions were good as the girl was saved and doctors it’s expect for her to make a full recovery while the other officer, he struck is at the hospital too. Roman is temporarily suspended but Hank is able to clear up the trouble.

In The Number of Rats, Roman and Kim look for a car used in a murder. They are able to find it under the ownership of Gregory Yates. Roman has an eerie feeling about Yates telling Kim that they are bringing him in because of this. Roman was later proved to be correct after Yates kidnaps Nadia and goes on a killing spree in New York.

During Born Into Bad News, Roman partnered with Kevin who is temporarily demoted back to patrol the paperwork together to save Lindsey and her friend from a pair of crooked cops. Roman is pleased with Kevin is giving back his position in Intelligence.

In What Do You Do, Roman and Kim go on patrol and they talk before Kim notices an odd activity. Roman and Kim get involved in a bad situation with several drug dealers and Roman ends up with his head wound from a pipe. In spite of his wounds he and Kim are able to survive through the whole ordeal when Intelligence bursts in after having been suspicious of why they were gone.

In Get Back to Even, Sean and Kim investigate a home burglary while inside they find a couple tied up. Unknown to them the burglars has slipped out but they were cornered by Nadia who was fired at. Hearing the bullets Sean and Kim immediately run out to save her before the rest of the precinct help out.

Season 3

In You Never Know Who's Who, Sean takes the dying child he was supposed to get a bone marrow to the precinct. This was done in a gesture of good will before the boy ultimately succumbed to his sickness. Earlier, after Burgess finds a syringe in his briefcase it is believed he became addicted to drugs, but it is subsequently revealed to be for a transfusion for the child.

During Never Forget I Love You, Roman mourns with the mother of the late boy. He also finds himself in conflict with the boy's abusive father. He and Kim confront the man, giving him a restraining order over 1000 feet. When the man attacks his ex-wife, Roman is forced to shoot him but no gun is found.

In Now I'm God, Roman is temporarily suspended while investigation is conducted in his words. He later as Kim defends him, thanking her for her efforts.

In Kasual with a K, Roman and Kim are assigned to a case involving a man was robbed and using a dating app. Roman reveals that he wants use the app but never got anywhere. Taking this up with Trudy the two were happy to learn they can pursue it and capture those responsible for the robbery after similar cases are revealed.

During If We Were Normal, Roman and Kim begin to show much more to their relationship . This was noticed by Adam who tells Roman if he wants to date him and he could. When Kim walks off, he walks after his partner Burgess who surprised him with a kiss.

In A Dead Kid, a Notebook and a Lot of Maybes, Roman and Kim are sent to the house of a teacher Darren Sanders since they are looking for a student. They investigate the house before Kim finds something very disturbing the teacher's car sprayed with paint saying the word pedophile. Seeing this display, the pair immediately take the man in for questioning.

During In A Duffel Bag, Roman and Kim go to the hospital about a supposed dead baby found in a park. They are met by Natalie who inform them that the baby survived. They informed Hank about this and he is pleased to learn that the baby is alive but wants to find out who did it. Later on, he and the Intelligence unit visit the baby after he recovers. Roman and Kim later have drinks with Natalie at the bar, where they realize their affections. The pair end up sleeping together.

At the end of the third season, while they were flirting in the patrol car they were attacked and Roman was shot. Burgess testified against the shooter who was sentenced to four years in prison.

Roman is not allowed to be an active police officer due to the accident leaving him with nerve damage to his right arm. He decided he did not want to have a desk job so he would move cities. He asked Burgess to move with him. She requested time to think about it. In the end, they mutually agreed that it would be best if Burgess stayed, as Roman left for San Diego.

Season 7

In Burden of Truth, Roman returns to Chicago after getting a distress call from Sarah, his sister. He is curious when people send condolences to Kim and soon questions her. Roman is shocked when Kim revealed she got pregnant and lost the baby after saving a girl on the job. Although not a cop, he goes with Burgess to find his sister, only to discover her corpse and learn how long she was dead. He informs his parents, who are at first upset and blame him but stop after noting it wasn't his fault. Much later, Sarah's boyfriend, drug dealer Logan Peters, is later discovered to have been killed. Burgess later confronts Roman when it becomes apparent he is responsible for the latter. Sean later implies his guilt in delivering the eulogy at Sarah's funeral. Afterwards, Roman is ready to be handed into custody but Voight decides to waive the arrest, deeming Roman's survivor's guilt to be punishment enough; Burgess then parts with her former partner on bittersweet terms.

Notes & Trivia

  • Roman is left-handed.
  • Like most officers, he used a Glock 17.
  • Roman's radio code is 2113.
  • Roman's badge number was 58324.
  • Roman says he was born in 1989, making him a year younger than Kim.
    • In real life, his actor was born in 1975.
  • He has some EMT knowledge such as a temporary way of treating a Pneumothorax.


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