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Nadia Decotis was an administrative assistant for the CPD Intelligence Unit. She was portrayed by Stella Maeve.


Nadia was an underage prostitute and drug addict at the time of her arrest by Erin Lindsay. Lindsay tried and failed twice to help Nadia get clean, but succeeded the third time and helped Nadia turn her life around.

Season 1

Erin runs into Nadia at the beginning of Turn the Light Off, and later in the episode, when Kim Burgess needs a partner to go undercover with as working girls, Erin asks Nadia. Kim and Nadia get into a situation where one of them is forced to do drugs, and Nadia steps up to not blow their cover, although she had worked hard to be one month sober. Ultimately, the pair played a big part in bringing down the targets.

Season 2

Nadia works as the Intelligence Unit's Administrative Assistant by answering calls at the precinct and running errands. She has formed a very strong bond with Lindsay, her roommate and savior. Erin acts like a foster mother to Nadia, allowing her the comfort she needed to stay clean.

Nadia went to school and was studying Criminology with plans to become a Chicago police officer, aiming for Intelligence. She was later abducted to New York City by Gregory Yates, where she was raped, tortured and murdered. She was found on an island that also contained many other bodies that Yates and his former colleague killed. However, in death, Nadia ultimately helped put Yates away in prison, leaving enough evidence to help convict Yates, saving countless other women.(verification needed) Nadia was mourned by all her fellow CPD colleagues, and her name was added to the outside memorial of fallen CPD officers.

Season 3

In The Song of Gregory Williams Yates, a picture of Nadia is seen on the board in the Intelligence office, along with pictures of Yates' other victims. Despite warnings from the unit, Lindsay goes to confront Yates and kills him in self-defense, avenging Nadia's death.


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