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Lexi Olinsky was the daughter of Alvin Olinsky and his wife Meredith. She was portrayed by Alina Jenine Taber.


Despite the tension in her parents' marriage, Lexi still maintained a close relationship with her father, Alvin.

Season 1

She first appears in Now Is Always Temporary, where she tells her father that her mother is having company and has brought Alvin a list from her mother. Alvin told her that she didn't have to play peacekeeper and after she asks why he does not move, he says he stays in the garage to be near her and her mother. She was touched by this declaration. Lexi is then surprised when her father voices that he wants to attend an upcoming father/daughter dance with her, smiling when he says he has his suit ready. However, when Lexi was blamed for having marijuana in her locker (stored there by a boyfriend), Alvin came down and was quick to help his daughter out. Even though she pleaded to him, he went after her boyfriend when she was suspended from school. Lexi was angry that Alvin did so, as her peers ostracized her. Despite this, she forgave him and the two had a make-shift father/daughter dance in the driveway.

During A Material Witness, Lexi is the sole witness to a shooting of a gang banger. Alvin was worried for Lexi and did everything to keep her from testifying (and becoming a surefire target to the gang). Alvin and Hank usurp the investigation from the Gang Unit and hunt for the likely suspect, a gangbanger named Calaca hooked up with the Latin Priests. Despite their efforts, their work only guarantees Lexi will have to testify if the case goes to trial. She reassures her worried father that, despite the danger, it's the right thing to do.

Season 2

In The Three Gs, Lexi has lunch with her father and his coworker Lindsay. They discuss the future of Lexi after her graduation with Alvin trying to persuade her to become a cop like him but she refuses. Lexi still has to go bidding her father goodbye. At the end, she eats her dinner with her parents and things are awkward. She almost excuses herself to go do her homework but is surprised when her father invited her boyfriend Jason over to the house. Lexi smiles when Alvin describes her boyfriend in a accepting manner and the family have a pleasant dinner.

Season 3

In Actual Physical Violence, at dinner with her parents, Lexi is shocked to learn that she has a half-sister named Michelle born from her father's affair while on assignment. Lexi cries at this news before she watches her mother storm out. She tried to stop her until Alvin tells her that he can't lose her, in spite of his mistake.

Season 4

In Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will, Lexi is called by her father to meet at the precinct. She tells him that she’s not moving home before being surprised by him hugging her and being told that he only wanted to see her after he had a bad experience with a case.

After her death her father fell into a depression and nearly attacked the arsonist responsible until Hank talked him out of it.


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