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Get My Cigarettes is the second episode of the second season and the 17th overall episode of Chicago P.D.


Intelligence begins to look into a string of murders where the victims have a dollar bill pinned to their chests. Thanks to some digging by Ruzek, Voight learns his friend was involved in some shady business dealings. Antonio and Halstead follow up on some leads that help focus in on the culprit and motives for the murders.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • John Bedford Lloyd as Don Enrietto
  • Kevin Quinn as Nate Hansen
  • Brian McCaskill as Dale Hansen
  • Casey Tutton as Collette
  • Dale Pavinski as Brent Norelli
  • Annie Munch as Lauren Hansen
  • Nina O'Keefe as Tricia Marcello
  • Katherine Keberlein as Heather Hansen
  • Max Thomas as Justin Belz
  • Trinity Murdock as Building Manager
  • Adam Tanguay as Patrolman
  • Danny Lewis as Patrolman Miles
  • Tiffany L. Addison as Kay
  • Kenny Richards as Forklift Driver
  • Gary W Golden as Billy Fagen
  • Alicia Hilton as Detective
  • Mike 'Leo' Leonardi as Freddie Valeo
  • Mary Louise Scott as Bar Patron
  • James Willoby as Chicago Police Officer