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Denny Woods is the ex-partner of Hank Voight, turned corrupt independent auditor assigned to oversee the police department. He is portrayed by Mykelti Williamson.


Denny was partners with Hank Voight over thirty years ago. He mentioned to Adam that he taught Hank most of what he knew. At some point, the two had a falling out due to Hank finding out several years ago that they wrongfully arrested Terrance Valentine for the murder of a man named Nick Ruffalo, and that Denny had a hand in the conviction. As a result Valentine was serving life in prison, while Denny was promoted to lieutenant.

Season 4

In “Grasping for Salvation”, Hank uncovered evidence implying Valentine’s innocence in the murder if Nick Ruffalo, wishing to reopen the case. Denny, knowing his reputation and position would be in jeopardy, makes attempts to threaten Hank to keep him from looking any further into the investigation and monitors him. Eventually when Hank gets close to discovering the truth, Woods apprehends him and subjects him to a review board hearing on the grounds of insubordination. However, the Intelligence Unit uncovers the truth in time, revealing that Mark Scalise was Nick Ruffalo’s real murderer and that Woods had imprisoned an innocent man. Exposed, Woods is then stripped of his police powers pending a full investigation of every case he had ever worked on. Hank was then presumably absolved of any charges Woods brought against him at the hearing. Valentine was subsequently released from prison, but he still held Hank accountable for what Woods did to him.

Woods afterwards becomes an independent auditor. Vengeful, he begins to exploit his position to antagonize Hank in the hopes of imprisoning or expelling him from the CPD.

Season 5

In "Anthem“, Denny briefly put his grudge aside when his daughter, Brianna is put in danger. His grudge becomes even more present after a failed attempt to rescue Brianna (who is being held hostage) and she is shot.

In "Breaking Point", Denny meets Hank after an Alderman is killed. Hank talks to him about his daughter and he says that she is recovering. He also tells Hank that the higher ups want them to investigate this case. Despite these pleasantries, it is apparent that Denny still holds a grudge especially when Alvin is called in by officers from the high branch, who reveals that Alvin's DNA was found on Kevin Bingham's body, as he disposed of it after Hank killed him for shooting Justin Voight. Denny attempts to convince Alvin to turn on Hank but to no avail, and mocks Hank that he should confess to killing Bingham. Later, a witness surfaces that claiming to have seen Voight abduct Bingham, leading to Alvin's indictment and eventual murder in prison.

In the Homecoming, Woods, desperate due to no longer being able to use Alvin’s imprisonment to coerce Voight into confessing, forces James Osha into revealing his witness’s identity to him. He then bribes the witness into further incriminating Voight with fabricated details on Bingham’s kidnapping. However, Voight had been investigating him, and had turned both Osha and the witness against Woods. The information was then passed to Internal Affairs and Woods is arrested for attempted witness tampering.[1]


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